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  • Dare to Stand

    Dare to Stand ...

    New Made History Iconic Collection Apparel Available Now!

  • Dare to Act

    Dare to Act ...

    Capturing historical figures and events through fashion.

  • Dare to Speak

    Dare to Speak ...

    New Limited 44th Edition "Made America Great Again" T-Shirts!

  • Dare to Dream

    Dare to Dream ...

    Learn more about the issues or how to get involved.

  • Dare to Make History!

    Dare to Make History

    New We Are Still With Her Hillary Collection.

This new Administration intentionally has sought to divide the Nation with its policies!

If you believe in unity over division, join the Resistance with your 45th #NotMyPresident Shirt!

#AntiTRUMP #CovFEFE #NotMyPresident
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Celebrate Hillary Rodham Clinton's lifetime dedication to public service, philanthropy, and democracy with your own I'm Still With Her Shirt!
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Embrace American Greatness With Your Own Obama Made America Great Again Shirt!
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As part of the Made History Iconic Button Collection, our brand is proud to present its “FREE Angela” Iconic Button Series in tribute to activist, educator, and writer, Angela Davis.
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Made History Apparel™ adds its latest Hashtag Edition to its Stop Lynching NAACP LDF Iconic Button Series!

"I Don't Want to be a Hashtag" is a statement against the disparate application of justice and excessive force by the American criminal justice system and police officers against young African American men! Their Lives Mattered! #BlackLivesMatter #PoliceReformNow
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Celebrate one of the greatest civil rights icons in American history, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., with our latest MLK King of Hope Edition!
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Welcome to Made History Apparel™
Made History Apparel™ was created to inspire unity and civic participation by capturing historical events and figures through fashion. Although history tends to highlight individuals, change has only been won by the People as a collective. Thus, whether through elections or protest, our brand believes it is important for the People to stand together and have their voices heard! 
For these reasons, we are proud to present our new  Made History Iconic Button Collection!

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