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The Resistance Collection

Made History Apparel™ proudly presents the Resistance Collection.

From his campaign and to his inauguration, Trump has taken almost every step possible to not only undermine the values of our institutions of government but the core values we hold as a nation!

From twitter fingers attacking the "covfefe" by the press to morally equivocating Neo-Nazis and the KKK with Anti-Hate Protesters, Tump has demonstrated that he is intent on implementing policies that does not represent us all as Americans, but more importantly, that he is unfit to be President! 


The time is now to fight, persist, and RESIST!

#NotMYPresident #AlternativeFacts #Covfefe #Resist #BigotInChief #RacismIsUnAmerican #Charlottesville #Heroes #HeatherHeyer #LoveTrumpsHate

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