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Made History Iconic Button Collection

Made History Apparel™ is proud to present its new Made History Iconic Button Collection. The Made History Iconic Button Collection is a fashionable reiteration of political and social buttons that captured the transformative movements and figures of the civil rights era in the 1960s and 70s. 

Since 1789 with the commemoration of the inauguration of President George Washington to the contemporary national protests against police brutality, political and social buttons have not just been a form of individual expression but have become small memorials for the most iconic figures and catalytic events in American history.

During the civil rights era, buttons were worn as part of a broader effort to galvanize support around equal rights for disenfranchised Americans and as a non-verbal expression of defiance against social injustice. Keeping tradition, activists today continue to wear political and social buttons at protests and marches as a form of expression and defiance against persistent social injustices.

With the release of our new Made History Iconic Button Collection, our brand seeks to capture the political and social activist spirit that has transformed this nation. 


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